1. Experience & Track Record.   Past performance is an enormous indicator of future results. We have been in the business for 8+ years successfully helping clients through every type of market.

2. An Aggressive 16 Point Marketing Plan.  We have developed a marketing plan that has proven to work. It is designed around excellent customer service and generates the highest exposure possible. This plan includes the latest technology and marketing strategies available.

3. Lead Generation.  We are personally committed to prospecting for 3 hours per day five days per week aggressively looking for buyers and sellers. This “hands on” approach to selling provides 65% of the leads we work with each year. While our competition continues to use the “passive” approach, we are relentless in using the “active, predictable and duplicable” approach to selling property.

4. An Entire Team Working for You.  You get 2 licensed sales people with administration manager giving you a combined experience of 12+ years all for the price of one!

5. Skills and Training.  Our team is 100% committed to improving our sales and negotiating skills. We belong to the Mike Ferry Organization which provides weekly training from a coach that has been regarded as one of the Top Five most influential people in Real Estate.

6. Customer Service and Communication.  We have designed a system that will provide a level of service and communication which is “Tailor Made” to your needs.  We pride ourselves on our weekly updates, emails, feedback and responsiveness to be sure you are always well informed.

7. Market Knowledge.  We are obsessed with having the most extensive and up to date knowledge of the current market trends, inventory, pricing, statistics and strategies.  “Knowledge equals Power” and we want to put that power to work for you.

8. The Network.  We have a database of over 300 past clients and center of Influence which provides nearly 40% of the business we generate. We also belong to a network of 1000’s of agents around the country and internationally who constantly refer buyers and sellers to Canada.

9. The REMAX Brand Name Advantage.  You get the name brand exposure to a network of clients and agents both locally and around the world. REMAX is consistently ranked #1 in sales in Canada with exposure to over 300 websites internationally, maximizing your exposure.

10. My Preferred Vendors.  We have put together a team of “Like Minded” vendors who not only provide the level of service we demand for our clients but do it at a competitive cost for you. They include Mortgage, Title, Termite, Roof, Inspectors, Appraisers, Moving, Contractors, Handymen, etc.